Lease Terms

You should read these conditions carefully. Both you will find in them

Dreamholidaysmallorca rights and obligations. By your payment to Dreamholidaysmallorca

you will confirm to agree with the conditions listed below. Your contract with Dream Holiday

Mallorca is governed by Spanish law and it will be submited to this jurisprudence.

Sort of agreement

Dreamholidaysmallorca involved in the execution of the lease agreements between

landlords and tenants. The reservation contract and will always be a lease agreement

between owners and tenants. The rights and lease obligations exist only between those

parties. Dreamholidaysmallorca acts as representative of the owners and is not

responsible for most of what is related to the delivery of the intervention.

Dreamholidaysmallorca reserves the admission rights.

Payment conditions

The reservation will be confirmed upon payment of the reservation.

Dreamholidaysmallorca will send the booking confirmation of the selected property.

The payment of the reservation must be made through debit / credit card or by bank

transfer and send the bank slip to Dreamholidaymallorca within 48 hours after making the

reservation request, otherwise it will lose the priority booking.

Two different methods are offered to make the payment:

1. The customer can pay 100% at the time of booking.

2. The customer can pay only 40% for the booking. The outstanding balance will be paid 6

weeks prior to arrival at the property by bank Transferred.

For properties in which is indicated THIS PROPERTY MUST BE BOOKED UPON

REQUEST, the client must send an enquiry indicating the property and the dates you wish

to book.

1. Dreamholidaysmallorca respond to the reservation request indicating the availability of

the property.

2. The customer can then book the desired property through

choosing one of the two methods described above.

Damage deposit conditions

The deposit is usually 200 euros. For villas and luxury vacation properties

Dreamholidaysmallorca reserves the right to apply a higher bail. The amount must be

deposited by a transfer or paypal at the time of booking or paid by cash on arrival.

This amount will be returned no later than 3 days after the departure by bank transfer or

Paypal. Except if there are flaws, which were counted to deduct the amount of the bond to

return as specified in the lease. The tenant will be responsible for any damage caused or

lack housing when they arrive if they have not notified Dreamholidaysmallorca within 24

hours after check in.

Groups under 25 years old will pay a deposit of € 150 per person. All other guests pay the

deposit agreed in the contract.

The guest must provide Dreamholidaysmallorca bank details where they would like the

deposit to be returned (account number, IBAN and SWIFT / BIC).

Cleaning and penalties

Cleaning services are included in the rental price, however, does not excuse to leave the

house in good condition. Otherwise, Dreamholidaysmallorca will be forced to impose

economic sanctions by the final amount of the bond.

Such sanctions may result from a bad hygienic state of the house and outside, leaving

garbage in housing, theft sheets and towels, etc. If the house is not delivered in good

condition, Dreamholidaysmallorca would be entitled to retain the deposit up to a maximum

amount of € 150 penalty. Here are the financial details of the penalties.

Cost of penalties

Cleaning (up to 100 euros)

Garbage (50 euros)

Set of towels (30 euros)

Set of sheets (50 euros)

Cancellation Terms

In case of cancellation the amount paid as a deposit will never be returned to the guests.

You can inform Dreamholidaysmallorca cancellation directly by telephone or email. The

request for cancellation must be requested in writing so that it is carried out, this being the

date considered as the date of cancellation.

If the cancellation was made by the owner, it shall inform in writing to

Dreamholidaysmallorca returning 100% of the amount paid for the lease up to the date of

cancellation in writing. Dreamholidaysmallorca responsible to seek an alternative to the

tenant house, if the new housing is not of their interest, we will refund the entire amount

paid. For with Dreamholidaysmallorca, the tenant is only entitled to claim the amount paid

for the property.

Tenant Responsibility

During his stay in the holiday home, the tenant will be fully responsible for the rented

housing, all the furniture and objects that are part of the rented premises. In case of

damage, you must pay 100% of the value of the object for proper replacement. This

amount must be made immediately to the landlord or Dreamholidaysmallorca as property

manager. Failure to notify said Dreamholidaysmallorca furniture or material damage will be

allowed to use the amount of the damage deposit.

In the case of external damage or antisocial behavior with the residents,

Dreamholidaysmallorca be entitled to immediately cancel the lease without refund of the

rental. The lessee is obliged to respect the night rest of the neighbors between 23:00 and

08:00 hours.

Responsibility Dreamholidaysmallorca

At Dreamholidaysmallorca we are liable of hand over the leased property in perfect

conditions and complitely clean.

Dreamholidaysmallorca in no event be liable for damages and / or expenses incurred by

the lessee. Dreamholidaysmallorca not be liable for loss, theft, damage or injury of any

kind caused by the tenants of the apartment, mediated Dreamholidaysmallorca.

Dreamholidaysmallorca, is not responsible for the inconvenience due to noise in the

neighborhood during the stay. In addition, Dreamholidaysmallorca is not responsible for

reprehensible no failures in the description of the property mentioned in the website.


Not all sports facilities, swimming pools, playgrounds, restaurants, night clubs, etc. are

open the whole year round or day. Dreamholidaysmallorca is not responsible for the acts

of third parties who, for whatever reason, are not available during your stay.

Arrival and departure

On the day of arrival established, it must reach the property from 15:00 to 23:00. If

extraordinary circumstances it is not possible to checkin within the established schedule,

please contact us to establish the time of arrival. To check your booking, please show your

arrival a copy of the booking contract with Dreamholidaysmallorca and an identification (ID

or passport) of the person who signed the contract.

The departure must be before 10:00 hours. If you leave the house later than that time

without explicit permission from Dreamholidaysmallorca, Dreamholidaysmallorca be

authorized to retain from your deposit up to € 50 for each hour of delay.

Additional Services

For all additional services booked here Dream Holidays Mallorca occurs only as a

intermediary. For trading conditions are valid the ones from each partner (transfer, rental

car etc.)